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How Do Usually Online Dating Scams Develop the Relations with their Victims?


Dishonest people can be met everywhere and as the Internet has became a significant part of our life, you can be cheated there as well as in real life. One of the most wide spread type of online scammers are relationship scams. So now we will regard their typical behavior:

  • Dating scams create fake personal profiles at popular online marriage agencies with wonderful photos (usually stolen from other sites or social networks);
  • Send prewritten messages to all singles at the site;
  • From the very beginning they start talking about their love and true feelings to you;
  • Dating scams usually offer to continue your communication via personal emails, instant messaging and telephone calls (anywhere except the dating site correspondence system as there they can be blocked because of their asks for money);
  • Usually, after a short time of your communication, relationship scams start telling you about the awful money problems and how do they suffer, or they offer you a real life meetings and ask you to pay their travel expenses;
  • There can be two different finals of these “relationships”. If you send them money, they ask you for more and more and then stop your communication and escape. If you refuse to send them any money, they become furious and accuse you in not loving them, bad attitude, dishonesty, etc.

Nobody is assured from meeting dating scams at online dating sites. But being cautious you can protect yourself from their traps.



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